Text Replace Software Utility - User Guide


When the file is downloaded, extract files and run setup.exe to install the application.

If you have used Text Replace we'd love to hear from you. Send an e-mail to support@jianway.co.uk

Text Replace Overview

From personal experience replacing bits of text can be a chore if you have more than a few bits of text to replace in many files. Text Replace functions as a batch replace function that some text editors don't have. We use it to clean up text files, for example to produce live website without template tags added with html editor.


Text Replace uses settings.ini file to store your previous settings. settings.ini file is saved on exiting Text Replace.

Origin Folder

Origin Folder contains files that you want to process for text replacments. It must be different to Destination Folder which means that it should leave your original data intact. Text Replace will not process files contained in any subfolders that Origin Folder may have.

Destination Folder

Destination Folder will contain newly created files. Please make sure that you do not have any important files in this folder as they may be overwritten if the files from Origin Folder have the same name.

File Types

Include File Types allows you to specify which file types Text Replace will process. Mutiple file types should be separated by ",". E.g. "html,htm,php".

Replacements File

Replacements File contains strings that you want to replace, and optionally a replacement string. If you want to replace string with another string make sure to use a separator character or string between the two string. Please make sure that you specify separator character or string in Separator text box.

Each new string to replace and its replacement should be on a separate line. For example:

string to replace 1|replacement string 1 string to replace 2|replacement string 2

Separator is a unique character or string (not found in either of the strings) which is used to distinguish between string to replace and replacement string. For example, you can use = or | as a separator.

Separator must be specified if you are replacing string with another string.

If you simply want to remove string you should not specify separator or a replacement string in Replacements File.

Remove options

Remove Blank Lines option allows you to remove blank lines from the files in Destination folder.

Remove Tabs option allows you to remove tabs from the files in Destination folder.

Application screenshots

Text Replace application Screenshot of Text Replace