Accessibility Policy

We have tried to make our web pages as accessible as possible and will ensure that this stays the case each time website is updated. However, there is always room for improvement and we most welcome your comments and suggestions. You can write to us at to tell us what you think.

Standards Compliance

Our website is XHTML compliant and uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual formatting.

We always refer to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in order to make sure that the website complies with Priority 1 guidelines as the minimum.

Access keys

Some links on the website can be activated using keyboard shortcuts:

  • On Windows, press ALT + access key then Enter key to follow the link
  • On Macintosh, press CTRL + access key.
  • If you're using Mozilla Firefox 2.0+, press SHIFT + ALT + access key.

The following access keys are available throughout the website:

Access keyTarget
1Home page
0Accessibility policy

Accessibility links

What our clients say

"They help us sleep at night - our clients are happy with the professional, economical and rapid results; we enjoy a friendly, supportive and calm working relationship that can be very hard to find with other developers."

Paul Buck, Director, Zerofee