Services: Web Applications

Running your business from a web browser

Web application, webapp or Rich Internet Application (RIA), whatever the marketing or technology jargon, running your business online can help your business run better, faster and more efficiently.

Your staff can accesss and update all important files and database records from a web browser even outside of their usual working hours, from home or when on the move away from their work place.

Examples of software applications as webapps include: Web desktop, File browser, Web browser, Text editor, Spreadsheet, Calculator, Word processor, Image editor, Calendar, Project management, Email client, Address book, Chatroom plus many more.

Advantages of web applications

Webapps are becoming increasing popular as they have several advantages over desktop applications:

  • No need to install on every user's computer.
  • Application updates are rolled out to all users at the same time - always up to date.
  • Accessible via web browser.
  • 24/7 access from any computer with Internet or intranet connection.
  • Webapp bugs can be fixed and updated almost instantly.
  • Costs are lower as users are typically charged a subscription fee.


What our clients say

"They combine great project management and technical design skills with top quality software engineering and interface design."

Dave Bancroft, Director, Reverse Delta